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Adding production value to your stream doesn't have to be complicated. offers easy solutions so that you can spend more time on what's important: making great content

starOverlays that automatically change to match the game you're streaming

starPlay random clips of your channel on your stream

starDisplay on-stream shoutouts

starVarious widgets compatible with Twitch and YouTube

star... and much more!

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"As a streamer of over 4 years I appreciate the easy to use adaptive assets and tools provided by, adding tons of personality to my streams without any hassle."



Twitch Partner / CEO of Screams

"One of the most caring and responsive devs I've ever met. widgets are clean, unique, and easy to set up and use."



Twitch Partner

"'s resources made it fun and simple to spruce up my own custom scenes. The native integration with Twitch lightened my workload and automated the more tedious aspects of my daily routine."



Twitch Partner / Retro Emo Streamer

" is a powerful suite of tools perfect for any streamer looking add unique and entertaining features to their content. I was amazed on how easy it is to use. Plus its affordable and makes a MUST for any stream!"



Twitch Partner / SMITE Olympian

"Honestly can't believe how fun and EASY this site is to use. There's something here for everyone, even if you have your own custom scenes there is still plenty for you to use on this site!"



Twitch Streamer

" has allowed me to take my streams to the next level with pre-generated layouts featuring dynamic text & images, which has completely taken the stress out of designing new scenes and adding an extra dimension of interactivity!"



Twitch Streamer / DJ

Something For Everyone

Seen offers fully designed adaptive scenes and widgets that are ready to drop into your broadcasting software -- pick your favorite style and go!

Here's a preview of just some of what we have to offer:


BRB Screen - Style: "Clean"

  1. Game cover art
  2. Game title and summary
  3. Rotating game screenshots

Animated Social Widget

  1. Rotating handles for Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and more!
  2. Choose your favorite style
  3. Customize cycle delay

Shoutout Widget

  1. Different styles to fit your feel from subtle to in your face
  2. Shout out live channels for a LIVE preview of the broadcast!
  3. Specify your command to work with existing bot commands

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) leverages the official Twitch APIs to retrieve the category your channel is currently streaming on and references the games database of IGDB (the same database Twitch itself uses!) in order to deliver relevant and stylized information to its scenes.
Not unless you decide to download our pre-configured scene set for OBS Studio or our dynamically generated social media images!'s tools and scenes are web-based and only require a browser source within your broadcasting software.
It's 100% free to sign up and start using Seen! If you'd like to support development and gain access to advanced features, you can become a Seen Pro member for $4.99 a month.

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