Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a service for streamers and content creators that provides ready-to-go scenes for your favorite streaming software that dynamically adapts to whatever game you're playing!

Do I need to install software to use

Nope!'s capabilities are entirely browser-driven and utilizes your favorite broadcasting software's "browser source" equivilent to deliver relevant, up-to-date, stream-lined scenes in a snap!

What streaming services is compatible with?

Seen currently only integrates with Twitch, but we're looking to implement support for other platforms in the future.

The game I'm playing is missing assets, can you fix it?

Good news! Seen is powered by IGDB, which is a public online games database. If the game you're playing is lacking assets, you can help contribute to both IGDB and Seen by creating an IGDB account and submitting information, screenshots, and more!