Starting your streaming journey from your console can be an arduous task with many hurdles, including needing a capture card and a PC to get the most out of it. What if you want to start streaming directly from your console but still have control over your overlays and stream widgets? Enter [Lightstream Studio]( -- a tool that allows you to stream directly from your console with customized overlays. Offering a free trial, prices start at *$8/mo* and scale upward depending on the quality you want to stream at. ![Lightstream Studio]( Though you'll still need a PC to set up and manage your stream sources, it doesn't need to be anything special; as long as it can navigate to your dashboard to allow you to configure your scenes! ![Lightstream Studio dashboard]( Once you sign up (and follow the prompts to connect your Twitch account and create your first project), you'll be met with this screen, which allows you to configure all of your scene's sources. The first thing you'll want to do is ensure you have a **Game Source** -- this is the raw output of your game that's coming from your console. ![Lightstream with game source]( Now that your game will be showing on your stream, let's add the Socials widget from, which will display your social media accounts to your viewers on a timer. Head over to your [dashboard]( and navigate to the **Widgets** section. Locate the Socials Bar widget, configure your options, and click the **Copy** button next to the URL field. ![Socials Bar widget]( After the URL has been copied, head back over to Lightstream and add a new source by choosing **3rd Party Integrations** and then choosing **Browser Source** -- then simple paste the URL copied from your widget into the address bar given. ![Lightstream browser source]( You're done! Now you can arrange and resize your widget as needed in the editing pane as needed. ![Lightstream with socials widget]( Now all you need to do it finish loading your sources such as our *Shout-out Widget*, *Clips Widget*, or any of our adaptive, dynamic scenes that automatically update their content to match the game you're streaming on Twitch!