's *Reaction Widget* gives you the ability to make images appear on your stream whenever you speak keywords out loud -- but what if you want to use another language? Luckily, the browser API that the Reaction Listener depends upon is great at detecting your system's language through your browser's settings. In this article, we'll go through the process of setting your preferred language in Google Chrome. ## **Adding A Language** First, you'll want to navigate to Chrome's *Settings* page by going to the address *chrome://settings*. Once the page has loaded, type "*languages*" into the top search bar to reveal your language options. ![Language settings]( Click on the *Add Language* link, and search for the language you want the Reaction Listener to use -- for the purposes of this article, I'm going to use Japanese. ![Language search]( Click the check mark next to the language you want and then click the *Add* button at the bottom to return to your settings page, where you will now see your new language listed. Now that your browser has your new language in its list, we'll have to take one more step to change its priority so that the speech capture API will detect it. Select the three dots on the right site of your new language and click "*Move to the top*" ![Move to top]( Now your new language has the highest priority, and all that's left is to test it out! At this point you can exit the Settings page and launch the Reaction Listener. If you already have it open, be sure to refresh the page so that it can detect your new settings! Then test it out by speaking in your new language and notice it detects the appropriate words (and alphabet, if applicable)! ![Testing new language]( Now that it's detecting your new language you can set up your [Reaction Widget]( with your newly configured language!