One of Seen's most powerful features is the ability to have your scenes adapt to display media and information about the game you're currently streaming on Twitch -- but what if you're streaming to a category that's different than your game, such as Retro? ![Retro game error]( *Hmm... that's not what I'm playing...* You're in luck! Seen has a feature called *Game Override* that will disable its game-detecting feature and allow you to specify what game you're playing. ## **Setting Your Game** ![Game Override Results]( To begin, simply start typing in the name of the game you're playing. Seen's *Game Override* field returns rich search results that include game titles, release year, genres, and even a thumbnail of the game's cover art. ![Game Override Selection]( Once you've found your desired game, simply click the item on the list or, if it's the first result, hit enter on your keyboard. After that's been done, save your profile and you're done! ![Corrected Retro game]( *Much better!* ## **Use Cases** There are a handful of cases where you'd use this feature, not just the retro category! * Playing a game while in Just Chatting * Using on unsupported platforms, such as YouTube or Facebook * Correcting Twitch categories, such as Pokemon Sword/Shield No matter your reason, the Game Override feature is a useful option to leverage -- just make sure to clear it out after you're done using it!